Monday, March 21, 2011

Holy Sh!t!!

This morning I was initially impressed when I checked the 2011 Tour Divide start list. As I've gone through the list from top to bottom, I'm now at the "Holy sh!t" stage. This is gonna be a slug fest. As of today there are 82 racers set to start in Banff and 10 set to start from Antelope Wells. There is no shortage of serious talent on the list. Of course, everyone on the list has some impressive nuts but these names have me jazzed:

Dejay Birtch, Jefe Branham, Cricket Butler, Aidan Harding, Jake Kirkpatrick, Eric Lobeck (woot woot!), Ethan Passant, Kurt Refsnider, Caroline Soong (now I know why she's been logging BIG miles with KR), and many others. June is gonna be interesting.

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