Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break

This has been a busy week for a vacation. Heather and I are redoing the bathroom. We considered gutting it but ended up doing paint (again), granite counter, new sink, fixtures, and I'm doing something special for a mirror. Our entire house is oak on the inside (moulding, cabinets, etc.). I hate oak. So we're redoing some of it as well. It's a long process that mostly Heather has been doing and it looks great so far. Should be done in another day. I did some work on our flower beds today and I also told a co-worker that I'd come over and check out her deck. Seems there was an incident involving ashes from the fire place and a small fire that developed on said deck. The fire did some damage and I ended up having to pull up 4 boards and replace them. Then I had to prime and paint them. I got into it with her 5 year old while waiting for the primer to dry and we played with light sabers. I cut off his head.

Next up (tomorrow if the parts arrive) is replacing Heathers entire steering setup on her Jeep. I'm also trying to figure out what to do with the Subaru. It developed a real funny noise about a week ago. For a few days I worried that it was the rear differential. Now I'm 98% sure that it's the drivers side rear wheel bearing. It's always nice to know what's wrong but in this case, not so much. The repair is an absolute nightmare. You have to remove the hub with a puller and then remove all the drum brake parts and take the knuckle to a shop and have them press out the old bearing and pop in the new one and the get an alignment. I could do all of the repair in my garage but I'd have to buy $200 in tools (for 3 new tools) but it mean that I don't have to get an alignment since removing the knuckle is no longer necessary. I absolutely hate having someone else work on my vehicles but it may be more cost effective this time. I'll decide tomorrow.

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