Tuesday, March 8, 2011

30 minutes....gone!

Tonight I was going to work on the green bike a bit. It needs a new cassette and chain and I was gonna go tubeless again. I also decided to switch back to my Thompson seatpost. I have no idea why but I was all thumbs putting the seatpost on. Then I dropped one of the bolts and, of course, the washer came off. That stupid bolt has gotta be an inch and a quarter long and the washer popped right off. I heard it hit the floor and figured I'd get it in a minute. It's gone. The bike was actually leaning up against the garage door so it was pretty contained. I'll try to find it tomorrow in daylight with the door open. The washer is actually concave a bit on one side. I'm sure I could use a flat washer and it would hold just fine but I'd rather find the real one and do it right. Grrrrrrrrr.

In other news...a few of my neighbors indicated to me today that they would like me to serve on our homeowners association board. Who the hell are these people kidding? Honored as I was, I did not inform them that, even though I am 38, my wife gives me an allowance. Several of the owners are upset about the way the HOA is handling our money. I don't even balance my own checkbook for cryin' out loud. Try as I may though, I could not stop thinking about Seinfeld when Morty was condo association president for Del Boca Vista or when Kramer moved down to Florida to retire and ran for president so that Morty could operate a puppet regime via the K Man. When I told Heather about this, she asked, "Are you sure they didn't ask you to ask me to do it?" Now that's some disrespect. I made her pay for it though when I destroyed her in Wii ping pong.

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