Sunday, March 6, 2011

I did get out for a bit longer rode today. It looked like it was gonna snow at any moment so I headed down to Colorado Springs. I started right downtown and then headed south. I guess I rode about 15 miles and then some barbed wire ran across the trail. I didn't see a sign but I also didn't wanna piss anybody off so I turned around and headed back to where I started. The trail is a mix of pavement and well groomed trail but I always find myself on high alert when I ride it. There's homeless people all over and some of the areas are a tad creepy. I wanted to ride longer today so I kept heading to Monument. I turned around just shy of there and headed back. All told I had 5 hours and 70ish miles in.

Normally you can see the mountains but not today.

I got a lotta mileage outta this summer sausage.

This is a park in downtown.

Lotta this today.

Lotta this too.

Today I had 2 flats. I NEVER flat!! Both times were on the extreme south portion of the trail and both were from thorns. I have Crossmax wheels on the green bike but they are set up with tubes b/c the last time I rode that bike was at the Leadville winter races and I wanted as wide a tire as I could find. I think I'm gonna set it up tubeless again. Super fun day. It was a tad cold and I was actually getting a bit dizzy in the last 15 miles but I don't recall the last time I was able to ride that far this time of year so that's cool.

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