Thursday, March 3, 2011

Embarrassed to say this

It's been quite a while since I've turned the pedals over in anger. For the last 2 nights my sleeping has been really bad. Bad enough for Heather to have to either come down stairs, punch me, pinch my nose, or physically roll me to my side (since I tend to not have as many apneas there). All of these techniques failed. So this morning I was absolutely wrecked. By 9 this morning I had consumed 2 pots of coffee and was still exhausted. Then...adults started pissing me off. Really pissing me off. That's all I'm saying. I did not think there was any way I was going to be able to ride when I got home. I was mad when I left the building. I pedaled home upset. I played loud, jaded and bitter music when I got in the door. After a PB and honey samich, a Coke and a handful of coffee beans I did my old standby trainer workout (the 20/40). I was able to do it in a harder gear than last week and feel so fresh and so clean clean while doing so. I feel better now. I can usually relax by riding and looking at flowers, animals, or the landscape but it's hard to do that in the garage.

Hope your day was enjoyable. Thank for checking in.

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