Monday, March 14, 2011

Got boost?

I'm a sucker for nicely done fabrication on a vehicle. Most of the Cherokees running around have the inline 6 motor and it's a nice engine. Some guys stroke the motor to get more power out of it. There's a guy named Bryson here in Colorado that likes to turbo things though and he's starting up his own company. He does really nice work.

His welds are not ugly.

This manifold was made by him.

There's not much room in the engine bay of a Cherokee and you can see just how close the plumbing for the turbo comes to the motor and the oil pan.

Normally the battery is located in that front corner. You can see the turbo tucked in just below the intake manifold. The cone filter is gonna go right where the battery normally would be located and the plumbing from that runs straight back and then dips down just below the drivers side motor mount and then enters the turbo.

Here's the finished product. He used a water to air intercooler because of the lack of room.

Super clean work. Our white 2001 Limited would look killer with this stuff on it. Heather's Jeep needs new tires and I've got to do some work to it next week. I'm actually thinking about lowering it about 2 inches. Some sticky tires and tighter suspension and a fat turbo would make hers damn near as cool as a newer Grand Cherokee with the SRT8 motor.

His company is

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