Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cranky pants

I've had mine on for almost a week straight now. I think they're chapping my ass. I hate being cranky. Probably the majority of it is my poor sleep. Work has been hectic but not THAT bad. We're in the middle of our state testing and that's always stressful. The bigger issue at work is the budget cuts that are coming. The estimate indicates that my district will cut another 1.7 million this year and that's A LOT to squeeze out. I think it will bring our total to about 3 million for the last 2 years. Tempers are starting to flare and rumors start running wild about who's getting cut and that's never good. I'm fairly confident that I'm safe but everything is on the table this year and none of us will truly know if we have jobs for the next year until probably closer to spring. It is absolutely stunning to me that our government officials are cutting education this much. I believe public education (at least here in Colorado) is going to see a pretty major makeover in the next few years.

In other news, I went back in for another sleep study last night. Let me tell ya...those are good times. After getting all hooked up with wires, they picked out a mask for me to wear for the CPAP machine. I decided to try one that just went into my nostrils. It seemed ok initially but by 11 my nose hurt so badly that I actually thought it was bleeding. Turned out it was just running a bit but man was it sore. Then we tried a mask that went around the entire nose and that felt better but it was large and kind of hit my upper lip and that's irritating. They woke me up at 5:15 this morning and I felt recharged but that was probably just because I was on oxygen all night. My apneas definitely decreased with the machine so I'll be interested to see what the results say. Maybe I'll get to buy a $1300 machine. Cuz we all have 1300 clams laying around right now right?

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