Monday, March 21, 2011

Citizen on patrol

During my 2.5 hour ride today I came upon 2 horses that were on the loose down in Green Mountain Falls. I know where they live and they were definitely not near home. I went over to their house and could see the wind had knocked some of the fencing down and that's how they got out. The owner wasn't home so I sprung into action. Spandex and all. One of them freaked as I got close and I worried about getting bitch slapped by it so I re-thought my strategy. In the end I told them to stay put and, like Lassie, I ran and got the Marshal. Not Marshal Bird. The actual Marshal in town. For a moment I considered doing my best John Wayne impersonation when I came in the door and said, "Welllllll Marshal.....we got ourselves a problem here pilgrim." Then I remembered that I was in spandex. My Father in Law would have been proud of at least my equestrian efforts. Or embarrassed by the fact that I was near horses at all in brightly colored spandex. Really I just want his approval.

On my second lap, I came across a young bird that was trying to learn to fly. He appeared to be resting in the lane of oncoming traffic and right in the spot where a tire would have made him a brown spot. Again....I sprung into action. I was able to scoop him up and deliver him to the safety of the trees. I stood for a second afterwards. Hands on my hips. Chest out like some super hero. A horn startled me and then the driver yelled out, "Hey you queer.....get the %$!@ outta the road in that get up!!"

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