Sunday, March 27, 2011

Taking the plunge

The ultra endurance stuff is still kind of trial and error for me. Today I rode with a hear rate monitor just to see what the numbers looked like. They were high. I'm tired of not knowing exactly what to do in terms of training. I remember 2 years ago I tried to keep my heart rate at about 155 beats (85% of my max heart rate) but, after some math today, I think that puts me ever so slightly into Zone 4. which is an anerobic stage and it's not one you can be in for 5 days at a time. 155 doesn't seem like much but when you're talking about a 16 hour day or even longer, those extra beats can put the body into a totally different system for finding it's energy. That combined with dehydration and caloric depletion is not good. I have a very big goal this year in terms of the Colorado Trail Race. So...I made a decision today. This year I am going to get some help from Dave Harris and Lynda Wallenfels. This is the duo that runs LWCoaching out of St. George, Utah. They are both very accomplished bike racers in their own right. In 2009, they both won the 24 Hour Solo National Championships. I'll be getting coached by them. I'm very excited about this year. I know their help will make a difference in getting my fitness and, perhaps more importantly, my mental game on track come August.


Anonymous said...

Smart move Chris

hanna kakouris said...

alright, now you're talking.