Sunday, January 2, 2011

Todays task

I have not been doing much fishing recently because my waders have some leaks in them and, at this time of the year, that makes for a painful day on the water. This time of the year, the fish are anchored down in the deeper holes and you simply have to be in the water for long hours. Nice Gore-Tex waders can run $500 and, although I've had mine for a while (I bet 8 years now), I'd love to get more life out of them. So if you're in a similar situation and have never done this before...fear's easy and here are the steps.

The first thing you need is rubbing alcohol. This does not have to be 100% (70%) works just fine. I think I've had this bottle of alcohol longer than the waders but I don't think it's perishable. For you non-midwest folks...a Snook is a fish. I have no clue what a Schnuck really is other than a large chain of grocery stores back home although I bet when Sean Connery says he wants to fish for Snook, it sounds like he's saying Shnook.

Then you'll need some decrepit waders.

Turn said waders inside out to reveal a smell that is sure to please any dog (particularly this one). I found the aroma to be a pleasing mix of mold, must, feet, farts, beer and fish. Tis delicious and if I could bottle it I would and then apply liberally.

Here in Colorado, we trudge through some pretty rough areas to get to the bigger fish so waders take a beating. Usually holes show up on the shins. My waders are 2 layers up front and 1 in the back. This is a shot of the calf area of one leg. Lay it out nice and flat and spray it with the alcohol.

After a few seconds you'll see dark gray spots appear. These are tiny pin holes. I still need to take a picture of all the holes I found before I patch them up. I'll post the carnage for you. It's no wonder my feet go numb quickly. My friend Scott has had a half inch hole in his ass area I think since I've known him. I never get anything more wet than my socks but that's bad enough. I imagine if that icy water hit my sphincter that my butt hole would slam shut with the effectiveness of a cigar cutter. Anyway...I digress....take a Sharpie and let the alcohol dry a bit and then start circling those dark spots. I did have some wear and tear spots but no gaping holes.

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