Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Dakar

I'm thankful that Versus is covering the Dakar because some coverage is better than none but.......

a half hour of coverage sure doesn't do this race much justice. Particularly when they spend a decent chunk of that coverage dedicated to the towns that days stage is passing through and what they're known for. Don't get me wrong...the blonde that does that segment is certainly easy on the eyes and her accent doesn't hurt but I really would rather see the race. Thankfully they are spending the most time covering the motos. I think the new 450 rule is going to make for a tighter race this year and end the KTM stranglehold. Don't get me wrong again...I'm a big KTM fan but I'm pretty psyched for Jonah Street and to see what the Yamaha can do. I'm also really bummed that they're not showing anything about the T4 trucks. It's always cool to see those big things plowing through the terrain. I'm having to do a ton of web surfing to stay on top of all the action. least the race is going on.

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