Sunday, January 30, 2011

Breckenridge snow sculptures

Heather and I have been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. Part of it is because of work (which I don't ever talk about on here), part of it is geographic location (she misses home and I love the mountains), a good chunk of it is that my sleepiness feels like it's getting worse (I get the results of my sleep study tomorrow and I'm also going to have them draw more blood to check Vitamin D levels and see if they can check my thyroid). I'm so incredibly tired all the time and it's making me cranky. A few years ago a guy fell asleep during the Tour Divide (somewhere in New Mexico If I recall) while pedaling. He woke up in a ditch with some bad injuries and I think some old guy put him in the back of his pickup and took him to the ER. I'm always amazed that I don't take a snooze while riding or end up drowning when I go fishing.

Anyway...I love my wife. I know she loves me. I think that we love each other so much that we are willing to sacrifice our own happiness so that the other one can be happy. I'd move back to St. Louis tomorrow for her. I'd probably be miserable (wouldn't know for sure until I did it I suppose) but I'd do it for her. She'd come out here for me. As hard as yesterday's ride was on me, I really wanted to do something with Heather today that she would enjoy. So I made sure to get up and then encouraged her to do the same after I'd had some coffee. By 10 we were on the road to Breckenridge. We had been meaning to go check out this event for a few years and just never did it. One of the things we both don't like about the Colorado Springs area is that the art and music scene is weak and every time we get out to a funkier town, we enjoy ourselves.

These are not ice sculptures but snow and teams come from all around the globe (some from as far away as Australia and Austria) to make them. They had all week to get them done and the judging was last night. They were all incredible. This team had re-created a book and statue kind of thing focused on Jack London.

Look at the detailing on the tops of the acorn eyes.

This was one of my favorites. It was supposed to be the God's of the Aurora.

This castle was big enough to walk around on. They had built it on top of pipes too and the little ones could crawl around in them.

The weather was great. We walked around and did the tourist thing before stopping by to see the folk's at the Breckenridge Brewery for lunch.


Glen Darby said...

The last photo is the winner of them all..that is because kids would love it more than anything else.Very well created snow sculpture.

Glen @ ICe Castle said...

Have a Happy 2012 to All...The best of this years designs to all contestants.