Sunday, January 23, 2011

Being bald....

presents some challenges. Even in the summer the air can be cool at the higher altitudes. I've struggled with this during rides for a while now. Stocking caps are fine but I always end up with exposed neck, cheeks (not butt cheeks but the ones on my face), and ear lobes that can get uncomfortable. In my bivy, I tend to pull my bag/bivy over my face to try and stay warm and that opens the door for condensation and that's big trouble. Last week I ordered this Shemagh. The military has been using these for a while now and I thought I'd try it. Here's the positives: It's light, it was cheap ($15), I can wear it like this when bivying for the night to keep most of my face/neck area warm while warming the air I breathe in, I can use it as a towel, on the long hiking sections, I generally take off my helmet and this will be nice to protect my head from the sun, I can get it wet during the heat of the day and wrap it around my head to keep cooler, I suppose I could use it as a filter for dust if the need arises, I can also cut little pieces off it and use them for tinder. I suppose I could also use it as a bandage or sling but we won't go down that road.

Heather thinks it looks creepy but she doesn't know what it's like to be bald. I'm glad for that.

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hello....i am chris, desert dweller.