Friday, January 14, 2011

It's official

There's been some debate about what date the CTR would start on this year and what direction the course would go. I really didn't care what what the official decision was as I have my own plan. Looks like the masses will be heading from Denver to Durango on August 1st at 0630 (although there is a sizable group starting in Durango). It'll be good to start with a group. I could care less about this decision. I'm mad. It's a very controlled anger/determination but I'm tired of fawkin around with this thing. This is not like a 2 hour cross country race where it's ok to let emotion take over but I feel more prepared and more disciplined than any time before.

Training is going really well. Tonight I finished up my 4x20 week and next week I'll do 5 sets of 20 reps all the way through. Tonight the single leg squats hurt a bit but I did get through them all cleanly. The strength continues to go up despite the 4x20. I'm doing more weight with step ups now than I was when I was doing 3x12.

I really hope to do something special.

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