Saturday, January 22, 2011

weight work

My workouts continue to go really well. Friday I hit things pretty hard and because of it, all weights will go up this week by 5-10 pounds but the routine is going to stay 5x20. I had coffee with the coach last week and he said we're going to continue this 5x20 thing for a while now. He's pretty excited b/c he works with football players and wrestlers and has never done much for endurance. My plan was to finish up in the gym at the end of February and then try and start getting in more miles. It looks like things will stay the same until then and I'll just try and continue to increase the weights. I'm very anxious to see how this all transfers to putting in 8 hour days and, come August, seemingly never ending hike a bike.

The first event I have my sights on is the Durango Gravel Grinder on April 16. There's a 160 and a 110 option. I'm looking to do the 110 and I'll decide at the last minute on whether I run the Alma SS or use my old Marin 26" geared bike. I've been to Durango that time of year and it can be really nice or it can be blizzard conditions. Weather will be a big factor. This year I'm looking to throw myself deep into the hurt locker but I don't need snow to do that.

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