Monday, January 31, 2011

Sleep study results

I was supposed to go to my doctor today and get the results of my sleep study. I waited there 2 hours to get a fax. The sleep study place is a block away. I laid back on the table while I was waiting and Heather said I was out in 3 minutes and snoring away. My thyroid checked out fine. They're gonna check on the blood counts and the Vitamin D levels and get back to me. The results of the sleep study were borderline. I don't get it. My doctor is kind of against the CPAP machine. Instead, she gave me a sample packet of Nuvigil and wants me to take it. This is a Class 5 controlled substance. It sounds a hell of a lot like speed and it doesn't get to the root of why in the hell I am so bloody tired and it doesn't do anything to fix the fact that I only get a bit more than 50% efficient sleep.

In other news it sounds like my peeps back in the Lou are gonna get hammered with more snow in one storm than I think we've had all year at almost 9000' while we, on the other hand, are gonna get blasted with some cold. How cold? Friggincold!!

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