Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So today is my birthday. Again...I always refrain from work related banter here as it's really not appropriate but I'll say this...I was going to take off work today but, instead I went in. I actually recall saying this morning, "'s been a long weekend and my students don't do well with change so it should be an active day". I shoulda taken off. I got hit with several big things right off the bat and none of them were fun. The rest of the day went ok I guess. I had a staff meeting after week and my workout was subpar. It was the first workout I haven't been completely psyched for this winter. Heather had a nice dinner ready to go and I stopped and got a Belgian style Quadruple Ale from the folks up at Avery. It's DAMN god. I'm just gonna sip it tonight and watch the snow come down. Cheers everyone. We miss you all back home.


TK said...

happy birfday! aaaaahhhhh!

Chris said...

Thanks buddy!