Monday, March 30, 2009

Van stuff

After sleeping in today I got up and made some coffee and went to the garage to play with the van. I took off the bra that the PO had on it. I hate those things. Luckily, there wasn't too much damage under neath it. The whole thing will get buffed and waxed once it warms up. I got the GPS mounted inside. I found a perfect spot for the fly rods where the dogs wont be able to get to them. I actually painted the wheels a while back. I fixed all the dome lights (except for the one above the glove keeps shorting out after touching the metal dash and blowing the fuse for all of them so I gave up and yanked it for now). I installed a new fuel filter, air filter, plugs, wires, cap and rotor, and also a new drivers high beam. The plugs are supposed to be gapped at .028" (+/- .01) and the old ones were anywhere from .043" to almost .049". The old plugs told me what I suspected: It runs really rich. The motor pulls harder now but I ordered a new temperture sensor so we'll see if that leans things out. I also need to check timing but I need to score a light first or see if one of my students dad's has one that I can borrow or rent.

I rounded up Yakima 1A towers, clips, and extenders for the roof (need to source some crossbars). I also scored some Q Clips and 2 sets of mounting brackets for those. My plan is to see if I can come up with a way to mount a roof rack on the back for the bikes. The top rack will hold a Spacebox for camping trips. Today I ordered up a factory service manual for it (Van Cafe had em on sale for $70). I also ordered up a coolant sensor and 2 new hacth struts b/c the ones on there won't hold up the hatch let alone a rack and a bike. I LOVE MY VAN!!


Davey B said...

hey can you email me at ?

I'm looking to rent a cabin, in the woods, in August... nothing nice. a rustic cabin in the woods. area doesn't matter so much, but you know what i like.


Chris said...

I'll be in touch with you Dave. Well....I'll email.