Saturday, July 31, 2010


OK I think I have the SPOT issues sorted out. There may be some interference between the SPOT and the GPS but I wasn't using the GPS last night or this morning so I'm still thinking it's either a satellite issue or a SPOT issue. I ca do most of this course blind so the only times I will be using the GPS are maybe at night on high altitude stuff or on the segments I haven't seen yet down in the San Jauns so I'll decrease the likelihood of any interference between the 2 devices. The link for bikepacking immediately takes you to the Ultra Racing forum where any discussion for the 2010 CTR will take place. There are several threads on there already (showing some bikes, warning of route information, etc.) but there should also be an additional thread created after we're off. I put up a link directly to Joe's site ( He's already got some stuff over there about the race. Looks to be 40 racers on the preliminary roster but I know there will be more. Names to watch on the tracker are Ethan Passant, Dave Harris, Jeff Kerkove, Jefe Branham and Cat Morrison. Eszter Horanyi is also scheduled to start. She won Moab this past year as well as the grueling Vapor Trail 125 in Salida so that should make the womens race interesting to watch unfold. Don't forget that you can play with the maps on the share page. Satellite and Terrain will kinda give you a peak at what the areas we're in look like while you sit in your armchair drinking cold beverages.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!!

I will be looking for your Spot every day so get it wotking!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck and be safe! I'll be watching you all the way to the finish!