Thursday, July 29, 2010

I cleaned my bike up tonight and installed fresh new orange tape. I love new tape. I love wrapping handlebar tape. Every wrap has to be perfectly parallel with the previous one. It's all part of my system.

I feel a bit better tonight. The tooth is not as sensitive as it was this morning. I got out for almost a 3 hour ride with some intervals. I managed to get dropped on the way up the pass by a Garmin-Transitions guy (coulda been a Holowesko rider too). Whoever he was he was a little dude. Thought it mighta been that Svein Tuft fella but he's a pretty big boy. Also was bald and riding with no helmet up highway 24. What's with those bald dudes?

This guy hung out with me while I cleaned my bike up. He was about 5" long and absolutely stunning looking.

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