Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The years when I wasn't cycling and was fishing 5 days a week were killer. I do not get out on the water nearly as much as I'd like now. That's one of the reasons why I'm going to focus on the CTR again this year and then run a peak for a fall race. I don't think I'll have to ride as much as last summer for the CTR so I will be chasing trout much more.

The Cutts haven't moved up from the reservoir as much as I thought they would have by now. There was full on hurricane winds up at Spinney Ranch today. I pulled in to find 5 trucks and a guy standing next to a Ford Focus. I parked, walked in the back and proceeded to suit up. I flipped up the table and tied on an egg pattern and a blood midge then threw open the sliding door and gave Mr. Focus a nod.

I didn't see many fish at all. I spied this bow in the river. The water was too deep to cross and there was a dude working upstream. I didn't want him to get a crack at it so I had to cast from the far side. It's so hard to get good pics of fish when you're solo. Some dudes throw em up in the grass but that's rough on the fish (disclaimer....I did that once on a night when I just had to get proof of at least one in Cheesman Canyon). This is the best I could do today. This fish faught for about 7 minutes and it was cooked when I netted it so I had to be delicate. Beautiful colors though.

Unlike this trash fish. This is a sucker. They compete directly with my beloved trout and they get introduced to the bank and eventually.......Mr. Eagle.

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