Sunday, April 26, 2009

Storm pics

Bodhi loves the snow. It's always fun to watch the dogs try to drop a deuce in 2+ feet of the stuff. He will NOT come in. Here he was soaked and it had been over an hour. Of course....fatso came running in for a snack though.

The look on my face in this picture is because Heather had just dropped the camera and it hit pavement. It appears to be fine though.

This is the tree that bit the dust. There was a split in the tree probably 6 feet up from the trunk and it looks like it was a bit rotted in there so that didn't help out. It took out the fence and laid across the rode. The city workers drug it across the road where it presently sits. I'm glad it did not fall the other way or it might have taken out the Jeep.

Look at that textbook lifting form. All legs baby. This is not the reason for the sore muscles. It was much too long ago. Those shoes DO NOT have functional lights. That is strictly special effects.

I never tire of watching the puppies play. Bodhi is still clumsy and it was advantage Dharma once she learned to lure him into the deeper stuff. I imagine this is what it's like to have young kids. They just don't wanna stop playing. Even if they can't keep their eyes open any longer. They get cranky and that's when little arguments break out where I have to say, "That's IT!!" Until that happens I'm ear to ear.

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