Sunday, April 26, 2009

no riding

I have not been on a bike in 2 weeks now. There are some things going on that appear to be causing me some stress. I'm not sleeping well at all. One of the worst things is that my muscles ache. My quads feel like I've been doing squats, my back hurts, arms hurt, etc. It's not a pain where something is pulled but it's that pain you get 2 days after a tough workout in the gym. I also have some symptoms going on that I'm just not comfortable with broadcasting to the world but they have me pretty concerned. I'll be going to see a doctor this week and then, hopefylly, can get a referral to see a specialist about some of the other symptoms. I honestly don't think that I could even pedal up the pass right now. I suppose I could ride down and then have Heather shuttle me up to the top again? No biggie...we're supposed to get more snow today anyway. I would post some pictures for you entertainment but they'd just be laying on the couch with 2 dogs. One of which is right at 9 months now and towers above his sister.

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