Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Van repair 101

Here's what's required to change out the rear heater core on an 88 Vanagon. Actually the manual isn't required at all as it's a super easy repair. Every time you order something from the Van-Cafe you get 2 bags of Famous Amos cookies. I will not order from anywhere else.

Here's the old leaky heater core. You can see all the nastiness along the bottom of the core where it's been leaking and filling the van with the scent of maple syrup.

Here is everything all ready to buttoned back up. With the rear heater, Ron Burgundy throws out some serious heat. The rear heater alone could burn your calves. I aint talkin' about baby cows neither.

This picture shows the nasty stains on the carpet and the padding is soaked with coolant. Coolant is almost as nasty to work with as brake fluid is. That crap is there to stay I guess as I'm not in the mood to rip out the carpet at the moment. Although I have pondered Pergo floors.
Test drive proved fun. Every time I drive the van I can't help but have a huge smile on my face.

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