Sunday, April 26, 2009

I haven't been able to fill up the van with a full tank because it just pours out from the drivers side so I decided to see what the problem was on Friday after work. Here you can see a plastic "T" that is busted. This is prt of the evaporative system but when the tank's full enough it allows an escape route on hard right handers.

This is the overly complex gas tank that VW decided would be a good idea to use. It consists of your typical supply line and return line. There are 2 lines that come off each side of the front of the tank and they both run to expansion tanks that are mounted in each wheel well. Then there's that crossover pipe (which is broken). It ties into the evap system as well. The tank itself is saddle shaped and the coolant lines are able to make their way from front to back in that depression in the middle. There's a lot going on. I replaced all of the grommets and the crossover pipe as well as the fuel lines running to the expansion tanks and small sections of supply and return line (those were about to crack). I also replaced the filler neck grommet but left the sending unit o-ring alone as it appeared to be ok. I did manage to break both of the valves at the top of each expansion tank (I thought they were simply caps with a hole in the top for a line to pass through). That will be a $70 mistake (for 2 of those). Pretty happy about that.

After I had the tank back in place, I decided it might be a good idear to replace the fule lines in the engine bay. They make me nervous as they sit right above the exhaust manifold and I'm sure it wouldn't take much more than a drip for me to have a Van BQ. VW used a sheath that appears to serve as a heat shield on the fuel lines and it was good times getting the new lines through those but in the end, everything worked out fine. I will feel better about not having to sweat leaky fuel lines after I've been able to check all teh connections and make sure they're all tight. Too bad I won't be driving the van until I can get those expansion tanks fixed and re-installed and then button everything back up to the tank.

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