Friday, April 10, 2009

I think I made some headway on the van's cold start issues yesterday. I tested the throttle switch and then adjusted it as well as playing around with the idle screw. After some trial and error I finally was able to get the motor to a point where it would start up and idle right at 950. I left it alone after that cuz I wanted to see how it was this morning. It fired right up and I was able to take my foot off the throttle immediately without it falling on it's face. Now...I'm not sure I agree with the process of how I got here. Idle screws shouldn't change. The throttle switch on this motor appears to be alot like the throttle position sensor on a CIS-E motor (which I hate)and it's possible that that could have been the culprit I guess. I may be able to rule out a vacuum leak now though. I still need to install the new Temp II sensor but I think I'm going to do a pretty thorough test on it first.

The manual has a test where you're basically checking the resistance to the sensor at a given temperature. The sensor that I have in the motor checks out fine at ONE temperature but I have no clue what it's doing at other temps. So I think I'm gonna have one of my classes do a science experiment with me this week. We'll hook up the sensor to an ohm meter and then watch as the temp rises (via a hot plate) and see what the ohms are over a wider period. After graphing the data, I'll swap sensors and we'll do it again and see what the difference is. Man am I a dork'll be a hoot.

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