Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lot's of snow

We woke up this morning and it's STILL snowing. My HOA came by about midnight and plowed the driveway for us but it looks like they didn't this morning. I was just telling Heather last night that it's a good thing that the Aspens hadn't started producing their leaves yet or their thinner branches would have broken off from the weight of the snow. Well....the Aspens appear to be ok but the big pines are sagging. We had one in the front yard that is over a foot in diameter snap off at the base from being so top heavy. Luckily the wind isn't blowing much right now but if it picks up it could make things interesting. Lightning started up again last night and looks to have hit a tree right outside the bedroom window and split it. I just got all the snow off the deck because I was worried about it falling away from the house. No telling how much we've gotten now. It compacts so hard but you almost can't see the fence in the front yard at all right now. I'll get pics if/when it stops as it's just such a wet snow. Looks like we're just hanging out inside today. I have to keep going out to clear the snow off the satelite dish so we can watch tv.

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