Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've been busy at night most of the week re-doing the garage. I had things set up in such a way that it was impossible to pull the van in all the way. So I moved everything over to the far bay and now I have the entire first bay all for a vehicle. Half of the far bay is an organized mess because of the firewood but my HOA doesn't want that outside which is fine as it stays dry in the garage anyhow.

I have plenty of room now to work on the van (even the motor) in the warmth of the garage. My HOA also doesn't allow me to work on vehicles in the driveway which is fine with me too. It keeps things clean on our tiny street. I want you to notice how much room there is behind the van. I still have another 8" that I can pull forward and close the garage door. I'm pleased. There will be more than enough room for me to wiggle the Waterboxer motor out and slide something in it's place like.........oh..........a Subaru motor.....if I felt the need to do so. That's all I have to say about that right now.

Moving the workbench was a royal pain. I had to mount it into the cinderblock wall and that required me to drill into it and anchor. An atomic bomb could go off in the garage and the only thing left standing would be the workbench.


TK said...

nice job! nothing like organzing a work area to get you excited about working on somethin'.

Chris said...

I know right?