Friday, April 17, 2009

Pearl Izumi shoes

Stefan (the guy behind the CTR) is still debating about some course changes to this years event. I think we will be riding much more of the trail this year. There are some detours that we took last year just because the trail was so rough and involved so much hiking. The attitude this year seems to be that we should ride as much of the trail as we legally can and that's fine with me. I just wanna have time to prepare for it (more mentally than physically). The section of high altitude riding down near the San Juans can be very dangerous if the weather doesn't cooperate but I hear it can give some once in a lifetime views so I'm fine with that.
Regardless of any changes that will happen, I picked up a pair of these shoes for this year. Last year I wore through a pair of carbon sole Specialized shoes in a few days on the trail. I thought they were comfortable but I had not gotten to the worst of the hike a bike sections before the hub called it quits. I've been wearing these to work for a few weeks now and they should be really nice. Now I just need to figure out what clothing I'm gonna wear. I can't do the Ghisallo thing anymore. I'm thinking about wearing a wife beater and some baggies.

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