Saturday, April 4, 2009

We are supposed to get a foot of the white stuff today. Not much to report other than that. I get a box from the brown man that contains Van parts about once each week. My new rear heater core will be here on Tuesday and then I'll get that put in. I got my Bentley factory repair manual yesterday and spent last night reading some of it. Yesterday I also got a new temperature sensor. I think I'm gonna do a science experiment today and put it in a pot of water and hook up some leads to it and then hook the leads to an ohm meter. I'm going to run it through temperature variations from darn near freezing to boiling and watch the resistance it puts out and see how it corresponds to the graph so I know for sure it's good before installing it. Heather's great about helping with the van and I worrid she'd be mad about having to take care of some of these things that have been neglected for so long but she's completely fine with it. She's not afraid to get out there and turn a wrench if I tell her what to do.

I have not been doing all that much riding lately. It's been a bit hard to do with the cold and I'm not really wanting to get on the trainer again. I suppose it's fine. There is really not much I care about doing well in this year. I want to finish the CTR for sure. Then in the fall after all that base mileage, I have one event on my mind that I will run a peak for. This plan fits well as we hope to take the van to lots of cool places this summer. I plan on bringing my road bike with me and just logging long days and seeing cool things. I should have plenty of time after the CTR to recover and then put together a super intense plan to taper for the selected event. I'm kinda throwing all my eggs in basket but I'm fine with that. Hopefully no injuries along the way to Durango will interfere but if they do that's fine too. I absolutely have to get this thing outta the way this year. I can't have it on my mind for another 12 months. Besides, I already have the next big thing planned for the following summer and I'm anxious to start researching for it.

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