Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rolla Hade...

was my Father in-law. He was a cowboy and spent much of his younger days traveling the rodeo scene as a talented roper. I always thought being on a farm and having all kinds of animals would be a neat way to live life even though I'm sure it takes more hard work than I am aware of but I liked the idea of driving a pickup through the property or putting in a hard days work and then watching the sun go down while sitting back on the porch. In 2008 he was battling colon cancer. He managed to rope that steer too and was soon given a clean slate. After all that, he dropped about 80 pounds and had a new lease on life. Most of the time when Heather and I called him he would be out doing stuff again. Swimming, going back to rodeos, or spending the night out with the boys shooting pool, smoking cigars and maybe even having a cold brew. He even talked about coming back out here to visit us again to see if he could tolerate the altitude now that he was feeling so much better (he wasn't able to stay for our wedding because of altitude related issues).

For the last month or so, Rolla started feeling poorly again. He complained of stomach aches and pains and loss of appetite. He had a test earlier this week that showed an area of concern on his liver and another on a lung. He was scheduled for some further testing tomorrow to see if the cancer had come back again. We suspected it had. We spoke to him last night and he sounded genuinely worried.

Rolla passed away in his sleep last night.

I remember talking with him shortly after marrying his lovely daughter. I asked him if I could call him "dad". Those that know me understand that I haven't used that word in a long time but I've wanted to for quite a while. I was so thrilled when I would call him and say, "Hey Dad".

This puts something as trivial as annoying brakes into perspective rather quickly. I'm so glad he didn't suffer.

I will miss you more than you know. May you rest in peace...Dad.


Pam Rociglione said...

To Rolla's family: Mrs. Hade, Arlene, Courtney & Heather & Husbands - we were so shocked and so sorry to hear this news today. Your Dad and Pete met and rodeoed together since Pete was about 16 - that's a long time! I always had fun with your mom, sharing little girl stories and slowly graduated to big girl stories as our kids grew up. Your Dad would come by the bakery and get cannolis for Leroy on his way over to swim! We never went to a rodeo when we wouldn't think of them - we have lost a very dear friend! We will truly miss him.

Pam Rociglione said...

To Mrs. Hade, Arlene, Courtney & Heather & Husbands; We were so shocked and so sorry to hear this news today.Pete has known your dad since he was about 16 and they would rodeo together - that's a long time! Your mom and I shared many long nights sitting at rodeos and ropings telling little girl stories on our girls that grew into big girls stories as you all grew up! It was always fun spending time with your Mom and Dad. The last few years he would come by the bakery and pick up a few cannolis for Leroy when he would swim. We will miss him - he was a very good friend!

Dan Schmatz said...

Wishing the best feelings for you and your family.

Chris said...

Thanks for the stories Mrs. Rociglione.

Thanks Dan.