Thursday, June 16, 2011

Potential theory

A comment about my trip to the dentist yesterday now has me pondering things. Most know that I've had my share of hacks posing as dentists rummaging around in my mouth and that doesn't exactly ease me when I'm sitting in "the chair". Since you asked, when I am in the chair, every muscle in my body is flexed like Lou Ferrigno in a final pose down. I digress. Having multiple dental mishaps in my life (such as the time when I almost lost my tongue when "Dr. Shaky" made an ooops) certainly hasn't helped in the trust area.

One thing's for sure...the sound of the instruments scraping against my teeth doesn't help my issues. Now...that's really only during the cleaning process so it doesn't explain the fear entirely. The one common denominator that the dentist, cleaning person (is that the hygienist), the dental assistant, etc. all share is that they put their skinners in my mouth. Sure they wear gloves but that's beside the point. I can't see what's going on. Even if I could...they have their fingers in my mouth!! It's a bit invasive really. Personally...I wouldn't want my fingers near anyone's mouth but that's probably why I chose to not go to dental school. Instead...I chose to work in special education where hygiene can sometimes be an issue and I find myself wiping down everything in my room (especially doorknobs) several times each month while competing (financially speaking) with a stocker at Safeway. And yes....I know that most will argue the fact that educator's get the summer's off and, while that is true, you should know that I have been to school for work related things (not cleaning my room or preparing for next year) such as interviewing people or reviewing applicant packets, answering calls on my personal cell from either parents or administrator's, or attending training's that come along with the responsibility of being both team leader as well as the BOCES leader at least 3 times each week since being on "vacation". And no...I am not being compensated for my time. I digress...again.

There it is. I can't see (nor do I have much control over) what is being done in my mouth. A few year's back I had another procedure (and need to have it done again very soon here and am super stoked about it) that involved the putting of hands in a spot where I can't see and had no control over what was being done. That's right. I'm putting the doctor that slips a finger up my pooper in the same boat as a dentist who has their fingers all up in my grill. I think I have solved the mystery. I like to be in control.

I wonder if it would make any difference if I performed these procedures on my own. I know that's not possible. Just speculating.

Thanks for checking in.

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