Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 2

On Saturday I put in an hour and a half before making my way back to Buena Vista and the best cup of coffee in the world (Bongo Billy's). Then I started the 9 mile climb up Cottonwood Pass to jump on to the Colorado Trail. The trail was in good shape but it sure was dusty.

The rivers and creeks were all blown out as that snow up high looks to be melting pretty quickly. Fast moving water means no shortage for me to drink. And drink I did. I have never put down as much water as I was doing on Saturday. I was taking in more than a full bottle every hour.

This poor guy (I know it was a guy b/c someone had hacked off the antlers) was NOT drinking enough water. I made it to the Mount Princeton Hot Springs and then ate a big lunch and pounded juices, and soda's. It was heaven. What was not heaven was seeing that guy in the Speedo. You don't see that much. Then I saw a guy ride up with full bikepacking bags. I called him over and introduced myself. Turns out he was a follower of the TD and was hoping to do the CTR this August. Kenny didn't stay long and took off up the road. I had to get more juices but within half an hour, I loaded up and headed out. I caught him right at the top of the nasty hiking section after jumping back on the trail (it really adds insult to injury). We rode together for a few hours and then I was forced to stick with my plan.

I rode a little over 8 hours on Saturday and it felt great.

This is a fire road just before the Hot Springs.

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