Sunday, June 19, 2011

Incredible Ride

Today's ride called for a really long, mostly Zone 2 climb to altitude. I was also supposed to get in some hiking to even higher ground if I could. I had planned on going over to Buena Vista to do this workout. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to it all because of the snow in the high country. My plan on the way over was to ride from town, the 20 miles to the summit of Cottonwood Pass and then descend mostly down to Taylor Park on the other side and then come back up. The further I climbed, the more it looked like I might actually be able to get a hike in. I averaged just under 7 mph on the way up Cottonwood which seemed good for keeping the effort to one where I could have held a conversation the whole way. The ride up was pretty uneventful and once I made the top, I set of on foot and pushed my bike an extra 1100' up to the summit of Turner Mountain. I had lunch up there and took in the views for a while before coming back down.

When will I learn? These pics are all outa whack. These are all from the ride up Cottonwood. As soon as I sat down for lunch at 13,2XX, the batts for my GPS and camera took a dump.

This is the CT where it crosses Cottonwood Pass. We actually don't get to ride the part I'm standing on as we come up the road from BV and then hang a left on the trail but I had to pee so I did it here.

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