Friday, June 3, 2011


Most that know me, know that for whatever reason, I have some very vivid dreams. For years it's been this way. Now that I am using the machines to sleep, I find that I don't wake up laughing anymore about my dreams that were often straight out of The Wall but only included people I know. Last night I dreamed about the Colorado Trail Race. There wasn't much substance about it and I can't recall many details. I do know that in my dream, I cracked 5 days for my time.

I dropped my bike, gear, took off my clothes (they actually walked off into the sunset on their own power) and strolled into a rather plush hotel...naked. Soon I was being fanned with massive palm leaves (I've never seen palm trees in Durango's my dream!!). Apparently, the hotel had rented a sub-compact for Heather and she drove down. The rest is private but I will say that there was a large tub of Nutella involved and, oddly enough, a new toilet plunger.

With that take care now.

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