Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More fun at the dentist

Today I had to go back in to my dentist for a routine cleaning. Ever since I was a child, I have had a true fear of dentists. I love my current dentist (Dr. Stephanie Kaufman) and all of her staff including the ladies that bill me. They are all so gentle with me. My cleaning went smoothly but, as I sat there in the chair, I could hear the woman that performed the cleaning talking with the doctor. I heard her mention #14. Soft tissue. That's dentist talk. I immediately panicked and began to think about running but I decided to wait. Due to the concern, that area was going to get a closer inspection. Turns out it was part of a baby tooth that was lodged between an adult tooth and the gum. I have felt that thing for eons now. I always thought it was a hunk of food or something. One time I even took a dull knife and tried to dislodge whatever it was but was unable to. Other times I've just flossed that area until it bled. I gave up 10 years ago and just assumed it was an abnormality of the tooth.

So tonight, at 38 years of age, I will be expecting something from the tooth fairy.


Toby Gadd said...

What is it with people like us? We can ride our bikes until everything hurts, and then keep going. But a simple visit to the dentist, and we act like scared baby rabbits. Yep, I just had a cleaning yesterday too--fortunately no extra teeth floating around!

Chris said...

I'm not proud Toby.

Hmmmmmmm.....this has me thinking of a possible theory.