Thursday, June 30, 2011

Night Rider

No not the show, although, that show was pretty sweet. I would soooo rock the Hoff's hair. My wife says she likes me with a shaved head but....what else are you gonna say to the person that you're stuck with for life who has no seeds sprouting? For a while we talked about a deal that would put us back in St. Louis and put me at the Hair Club for Men but I think we both know that I simply couldn't handle the heat. Not the heat from all the play I'd be gettin' from the ladies with my luscious locks (Oh I'll handle that like a trucker handles his rig on an icy mountain pass). I'm talking about the heat that can only be experienced in the midwest

Oh bullocks...I've veered substantially off course. Back to night ridin'. Last night I waited until about 9 before heading out for about 1.5 hours on the mean trails of Woodland Park. Past the Sonic where all the high school kids were kickin' it. I slowly climbed all the way up to a power line cut up above town and was greeted with a pretty neat view of the surrounding area's lights before dropping back down on a different trail. I'm hoping to do more night riding this year and, as the race gets closer, I'll start putting in more time in the dark. Nothing crazy to report from the ride other than the fact that my front BB7 continues to squeal loudly. What is it with this thing? I actually took it in to my local shop three times now and paid someone that works on bikes all day long to fiddle with it and he can't quiet it down. I know some (TK) will say that I am a bit of a perfectionist with things but this sound creates decibels so high that leaves on nearby tree's quiver. I'm at a loss.

In other news...the roofers are nailing down the new shingles as I type. They seem like good guys so I decided to get them a 12 pack and had it iced down for them when they arrived this morning. I wanted to show them that we appreciate their hard work on our home. After much debating though, I opted for 3.2% ABV because, like I said, I want them to feel appreciated but...I don't want them to fall off the roof and have this turn in to a Jerky Boys skit.

I wonder when Honey Stinger is going to get those bibs in that I keep hearing are, "Expected any day now."

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