Friday, June 3, 2011

Little (but extremely important) project

Today after I cleaned the house and did all my chores, I decided to start in on a little project that I have been putting off. A few weeks ago I was riding along the river in the Deckers area and found a gravel guard laying on the side of the road. For those don't know, this is wrapped around your ankles and over your boots and waders to keep gravel out of the boot and creating holes. It's basically a gaiter for fly fishing. I already have a matching set. What to do with one lone gravel guard?

After some very precise measuring and cutting, I ended up with a square section of the gravel guard. Then I busted out my needle and thread and got to work laying down stitches that would make Susan B. Anthony blush.

I ended up with just about the coolest damn koozie I've ever seen. Aside from one I scored years ago from Bob Franklin down in darkest depths of Lesterville, Missouri and on the banks of the Black River.

It's quite accepted that when meeting up with other fly fisherman, you bring some kind of adult refreshments to enjoy (sometimes even throughout the day depending on the epicness of the day). Nobody is going to have a thing on me when I break this little bad boy out. Truth be told...I don't even know that I'll be able to fish with anyone any longer. Clearly, this puts me in an entirely different league of play. The DOW may have to shut down the river when I call ahead and let em know that I plan on punchin' in on any given day and to get all the hacks off the water.


Scott said...

Damn...that is smooth. I hope you took into account a little stretch in it so it will fit a Duvel.

Chris said...

I knew that you would both appreciate and fear it. The jury is out on whether or not it will hold a Duvel however, I have complete confidence in my stitch work.

rambach said...

Hot Damn that is pretty sweet!

Chris said...

And you, sir, were the second person I was waiting on. I'm pretty sure I got that Franklin koozie on a float with you. You know you've made the big time when you have koozies with your own picture on them AND they can hang around your neck like soap on a rope. That guy put the "rip" in "float trip".