Friday, June 3, 2011

Heather went back home for a visit. I dropped her off at the airport yesterday morning. She called me last night. For weeks now, she's been complaining about how cold she is here in Colorado. I think the first thing she said last night was that it was supposed to be 95 degrees there today and about a brazillion percent humidity. I would describe her tone as being not exactly enthusiastic. I had to chuckle a bit. She was kind enough to leave me some grocery money. I did wonder how many pizzas and 6 packs I could buy with a hundred bucks but, in the end I did the mature thing. She is the one that usually does the grocery shopping for the house though and that was quite obvious when I got to the checkout and realized I had forgotten the money in the car. So I got out of line (which is a feat in it's own right really) and asked if I could leave the cart at customer service while I ran out real quickly. To be honest, I detected a bit of the stink eye. Once out at the car, I realized that if I had gone over a hundred bucks I was in serious trouble as I had forgotten my wallet. This would make me look like an even bigger jackass and...we can't have that. I was pretty sure I'd need it so I got in and drove back to the house to get it but not before fumbling my Blackberry and then, in an effort to make a catch that would dominate any highlight real, I actually sent it further into orbit as well as out of reach entirely. I did reach and lean over the car door though just like a MLB catcher would do trying to chase down a foul ball. It didn't end pretty. So I was now kinda cranky about the whole thing but in the end I made it home with my groceries that consisted of quite a bit of fruits and veggies. Just so you know.

For the most part, I have the day off riding today. I have to do some Pilates (really don't like that stuff as it tends to hand my ass to me on a silver platter). Then I get to do what is now my second least favorite activity...stretching. After that's done I think I'm going to clean up my new toy that I pulled the trigger on 2 nights ago. Once it's presentable (it really is now's a process I go through) I shall take some photos and put it on display.

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