Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little bit of hurt

I wanted everyone to know that Dave Harris expected me to get high on todays ride. The plan called for some high altitude exposure and some hike a bike. I actually went an extra hour (6 total) because I'm an over-achiever. Actually I just spaced on the time so really I'm just stupid. I ended up making it to 12,500' before heading down. At the 5 hour mark, I hit the wall pretty hard. When I looked at my calories burned, I was right at 4,000. This is exactly the kind of situation I wanted to put myself in more this year. I stopped for a few minutes and drank half a bottle of water and threw down 350 calories and then started soft pedaling again. In 20 minutes I was back in business. I had eaten good today (hourly) and I went through a bottle every hour but I am definitely not eating good meals with Heather out of town. She is fantastic. I tell her what I need based on the upcoming workouts and she burns it right up. I definitely could not do this as a bachelor.'re a rock star. I met some guys shortly after I got on Ring the Peak and they asked if I knew you.

I'm off to eat and then nap for a few hours. Week 5 starts tomorrow and it is truly an ass kicker.

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