Friday, May 27, 2011

Tour Divide

It's just about 2 weeks away now. There should be about 75 racers starting in Banff and 15ish starting from the Mexican border. The big concern this year is with regard to snow in the north.

This picture was taken about a week or so ago up in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is not on the TD route but snow pack is about the same in the Canadian sections and into Colorado as far south as Boreas Pass (which is Breckenridge). Banff got more snow this morning. Some racers are actually talking about bringing along snowshoes and I think they're serious. Many sections are being re-routed due to the snow and some people are even changing their travel plans to now due a northbound race in hopes that conditions improve with the extra time.

This picture shows more images of the snow pack (10 days ago) from the Flathead Wilderness section of the route in the far north. Flathead is special place by itself. I believe it contains the largest population of carnivores in North America. No shortage of Grizzlies, mountain lion's, wolves, Black Bear, Lynx, etc. The snow looks to be a deal breaker this year I think.


Kurt said...

"Some racers are actually talking about bringing along snowshoes and I think they're serious"

Oh, you better believe it! It's going to be quite a memorable year. While we're making our way south, would you mind heading up Boreas Pass and packing down a nice trail through any snow that refuses to melt?

Chris said...

Kurt...for you...I would bring a Bobcat up there and pack it down and then water it down at night to create sheer ice. I would even construct berms that would put Olympic courses to shame. Then I would leave saucers (metal ones not those stupid plastic ones) and Pam (the cooking stuff not a gal) for you to make your way down the newly modified course. But alas...I have no Bobcat and my construction skills are sub-par.

You don't need my help Kurt. For you will float over any snow in your path like a ninja in colorful (albeit stinky by that time) spandex.