Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am supposed to do a really big ride this weekend and I've been having second thoughts about going for several days now. I start my training plan tomorrow and feel a little at odds with it being the first week of that and deviating from it already. I wont be able to follow the plan for a lot of this week because I can't go into it tired and then it's gonna take a chunk out of next week for me to recover. I spoke with Dave Harris (from LW Coaching) yesterday on an unrelated matter that led to training talk and have been thinking about some stuff. My training plan is 12 weeks. Taking nearly 2 weeks out of it is pretty big. Dave enlightened me on some endurance physiological stuff that I wasn't aware of before. It makes sense and I'm not educated enough to second guess a guy who's got the results that he does.

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