Saturday, May 14, 2011

That's more like it.

Today I needed to do a 3 hour road ride. I headed down to Colorado Springs to try and get into a bit warmer weather and it ended up being colder down there (40 degrees). I needed to get onto the Air Force Academy for part of my ride and they were not messing around at the North Gate. I got in but I also got a decent lecture before I told them I was just going to check out the Visitor's Center. Then I was informed that I could only ride there and then back. The VC was about halfway through my loop on the Academy and I figured that riding to the VC and then just continuing on around my loop would really be same thing. However, the woman dressed in full BDU's with the full-on assault rifle (and nicely manicured nails) that stopped me shortly after passing the VC was in complete disagreement. I didn't even question it. My game isn't that good. I'm sure the heightened security with recent political developments is the reason for the seriousness. I headed back out the North Gate and then had to figure out how to put together another hour on roads I've never ridden on before. I managed. In the end my average heart rate was 149. It's snowing/raining now so we'll see how that impacts tomorrow's ride that is supposed to be 4 hours on the dirt.

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