Saturday, May 21, 2011

I woke up in the middle of the night with a super bad runny nose. Normally, this would not be a huge deal but, given that I wear that fighter pilot mask it was...interesting. I also had a nasty headache. This morning I felt queasy and was debating about whether or not I should even go on a ride. I decided to try to ride since it was at least sunny and about 50 degrees and we're supposed to get more rain and snow this week. I was supposed to ride for 3 hours and right about the 2.5 hour mark, I saw some black crows (birds...not band members) and they were picking at something in a field off the road. I stopped to watch for a second and then realized that whatever it was they were pickin' on was trying to fight back. So I hopped the barbed wire fence and ran out into the field. The crows took off and the thing was hidden by a big rock. Once I got around the rock I saw this:

He wasn't in as good a shape as the one pictured. I didn't have my camera either. He was sitting up and it looked like his left wing was broken. When I stepped closer he ran a few feet away. When they're pissed off they click their beak. Eventually, he let me sit next to him while I tried to figure what I was going to do. I can't stand to see suffering and I sure didn't wanna leave him to be picked at by those stupid crows. Finally, I decided to take my long sleeve jersey and wrap him up in it. Then I road back into town one handed and headed straight to the vet where we take Bodhi and Dharma. I tried to be as careful as I could but, once we got to the vet, he wasn't looking good. I'm hoping he's just in shock and pulls out of it. I know he's in good hands over at the Woodland Animal Clinic. I'm going to take Heather over on Monday morning and see how he is.

It's hard to describe how beautiful it was and how yellow the eyes were. Super cool to see and be a part of.

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