Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today I found myself being both jaded and bitter at work due to some issues that don't deserve any further duress as I am washing my hands of them. It rained, hailed, and snowed all day long. I was supposed to do interval work tonight and I knew that I would have no problem hitting the numbers with some extra aggression sprinkled in. I actually had a break right at 3 so I busted home, got changed and hit the road. I rode down the pass a bit and then hit my turn around point and started coming back up. My intention was to actually do my intervals on a steep little climb that leads up to Rampart Range Road (just above town). But...I hit Zone 5 pretty quickly on the way back up and decided to let some anger out. Then I decided to just do repeats there. It wasn't the safest setup with wet roads and people coming home from work yakin away on their cellulars and fumblin around trying to light a smoke or read a text but. Intervals 2 and 3 were in nasty rain and the temps were dropping quickly. #4 was the moistest snow I think I've seen. I maintained right at 178 (even saw 180 at times) for all the interval work.

Thanks irritations at work!!

And, of course, the skies are clearing now. Eat a dog turd Mother Nature.

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