Friday, May 6, 2011

Today was the first time in several months that I took a nap after work. Things are OUTTA CONTROL at the office. My students are coming unglued with the end of the year looming and I feel like the Little Dutch Boy. As much as students say they don't like school, I've always believed that even the roughest kids truly want to be held accountable and they miss that accountability during the summer and over long breaks. Right now I'm dealing with a lot of the same scenes from Old Yellar where they say terrible things to me strictly because it's easier to push someone away than it is to be pushed away. I know nothing about that by the way....just ask Heather. Even though I've had several class meetings to say that I WILL be here in August, they just don't buy it until school starts again and I understand that. More so than in recent years, I have questioned whether or not I am doing any good at all. I've always been extremely hard on myself but...we're talking about students (people) here. There's not much room to dick around and I've always said that if someone else could come in tomorrow and produce 1% more than me...I'd pack up my stuff and go because they deserve it. I have a few students that are going through a lot right now and, as a result, struggle at school and, even though I can't control what happens outside of school, I gladly own all of it. hurts.

I have a big weekend planned. Weather is supposed to be nice so I'll try and get in longer road rides. I also have to make sure my mountain bike is ready for the impending death march. Tonight I worked out some kinks in the brakes and installed new derailleur cables. Tomorrow I'll have to clean it and check all the bolts. Then I have to shop for food and figure out exactly what I'm taking with me. Then I'll decide on which bags are coming along. I also have to make sure my SPOT is working or Heather will beat me. Lastly...I gotta figure out how much water to lug along through the desert. Looking forward to that. Marshal is planning on being able to haul as much as 7 liters I think. Ughhhhhhh. That's A LOT. I think, at most, I'm planning on carrying 3. I wonder if I'll have room for 2 can's of beer?

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