Thursday, May 19, 2011


I know that complaining about weather and actually choosing to live at 8500' don't really go hand in hand but I am ready for some decent weather above 60 degrees. That's not asking much. It's not like I'm asking for it to be 95 degrees because we all know that would never happen. Tuesday night was a hard night for me and I had to get all bundled up for it. Wednesday night I got caught in rain and more cold temps. Today I sat in on interviews all day long for a position at work and then right as I was leaving the building it started snowing. It was ugly. No shortage of lightning and thunder. I was supposed to do 20 minute intervals. I waited a bit and the clouds got darker and darker. I was going to load up and head towards Decker's to ride but falling from the slick conditions and hurting myself would be a real disappointment. So, reluctantly, I went down to the laboratory and punched in. 60 minutes of intervals are NOT fun on a trainer. And, of course, I came upstairs to look out the window and see about 3" of snow and a brief reprieve from the storm but it now looks like more is rolling in over the peaks to the west.

The bright side of all this is how much more magnificent a 14,000' peak looks when it's blanketed in fresh powder against a blue sky and it's lit up by the sun. As I type, it's slowly being engulfed by thick clouds that look to be a tad upset.

Even though some of my workouts are getting a bit buggered up by weather, I'm way ahead of where I've been in May's past.

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