Tuesday, February 8, 2011

RIP Simon

My dear friend's Adam and Mary went to the Humane Society 12 years ago strictly to look at what kinds of dog's were there. They quickly found Simon. Simon was a mut and the only details they could find out about him was that he was picked up as a stray and he was probably about 6 months old. They took him back to their new house over in St. Charles and he settled right in. Soon...Adam, Mary and Simon welcomed two beautiful girls into their lives. First there was Maya and then came Morgan. Eventually they moved to a new house and continued to experience all that life had to offer them.

Simon looked like he had a lot of Yellow Lab in him but his body was that of a Corgi. He was real low to the ground and aerodynamic. He liked playing fetch and barking. He had an ear piercing bark. When he sat down, he would do this thing where he leaned and his right leg would always stick out just like a kickstand. It always made us all laugh. Simon was fearless. The first time he met Dharma, he put her right in check. When he met Bodhi, he was unsure of him but he didn't ever try a full on attack. Simon liked bacon. And chicken. And turkey. And hot dogs. And anything else that found the floor.

About 6 weeks ago, Simon was slowing down and not looking his normal self. They loaded him up and took him back to the same Humane Society so the doctor's could look at him. He was diagnosed with cancer. Simon and his family have been in our thoughts more than normal ever since. This morning I was out in the garage cleaning up and I was thinking about him. I meant to call Adam to check on him and just didn't. Tonight the phone rang and I knew the news before Adam even said anything. Everyone had taken half the day off to go home and spend some final hours with Simon before taking him back to the Humane Society. Simon lived a better life than many dog's will ever know is possible. I know he gave more to my friends than most dog's will ever provide. You will be missed dearly Simon. May you forever relax in fields of green. You were loved.

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