Monday, February 28, 2011

Artsy fartsy

This showed up on my doorstep today. My buddy Tim sent it to me. I had an idear for an art project but now I'm not sure. We have a wall. Well...we have quite a few walls in the house but...we have one spot in particular and I thought it would look cool to have a bike sort of coming out of it. If you look at this picture you can see 2 options to make this happen. I can either cut the frame where the left side of the support beam would pass through or back further where the right side of the beam passes through. What I would like to do is cut it closer to the head tube so that the front wheel actually gets a small portion of the rim cut out as well. My buddy Adam has a road bike done this way but it doesn't have a tire on it and the spokes that attach to the removed section of the rim are gone too. I wanted to keep the tire on and I wanted the spokes to appear as if they were coming out of the wall too. I also wanted to have the front brakes functional. Doing it this way would be more of a challenge but it would also make the whole thing lighter. The Giant Yukon is not a spring chicken. I would also love to find an obnoxious set of really long bar ends. Now...after staring at this in the garage for a while...I don't know what to do. Feel free to comment.

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