Friday, February 11, 2011

Pain in the neck

Normally it is my policy to avoid acrobatics but about 2 years ago in St. Louis I was dared by a 5 year old to attempt a front flip on a trampoline. It seemed like a good idea. I took the action. I paid dearly. Observers said I looked like an airborne 2x4 and barely made half a rotation but that I did incorporate a mean twist into it for extra points and style. I landed on the back of my neck and was immediately down for the count for the remainder of the trip. Onlookers said I hit the trampoline like a sack of rocks and then came to a halt as I moaned. I remember crawling off said trampoline and making my way to the house as said 5 year old screamed, "Do it again!!!!" I also recall her father (who happens to be my good friend saying), "Dude...that looked pretty cool." The drive back to Colorado was not a good time.

When we got home I did the ice/heat routine for a week and it finally loosened up but it's reared it's ugly head every now and again since. A friend of mine named Dan used to rave about his Chiropractor and was encouraging me to go see one but I have always been skeptical. About 2 days ago I was washing my face and pulled something again and have been wincing since. Yesterday I asked if anyone at work knew of a good Chiropractor. While I did get a lot of smart ass comments from my co-workers I also got a lot of referrals to one particular knuckle cracker. I spoke with said guy today and have an appointment for Monday morning. I am somewhat worried. The spine is not an area of the body that I take lightly and cracking of it is a stress producer.

I kid you not...a guy at work today came up to me and grabbed me (quite literally) by the shoulder and asked what I had done to injure myself. I told him the story as I pulled away. He then told me that he would render his services (free of charge) after school on the floor of my classroom. I promptly gave him the stink eye. He was serious. He wanted to show me what he was talking about. I told him to get the F%*k away from me. His next question was, "Haven't you ever been in traction?" Ummmmm....seriously....get the F%*k away from me dude. As I explained to him...I don't even know that I want someone who cracks bones for a living to touch me. I'm going in for an appointment to feel things out. I may tell him the same thing as it concerns me that he informed me that I would need to sign a waiver.

Today I spoke to 2 Chiropractors and what I've learned is that there appears to be 2 different schools of thought here. One approach is a bit aggressive and the other uses more massage. The guy I'm going to is more aggressive. This concerns me as well. I'm really hoping to not get arrested on Monday morning. But...I am a bit scared about what the heck happened to my neck during my little escapade. I could have really injured myself. That's probably the last time I'll ever listen to another 5 year old.

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